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“What children need to know” started when we realized how little there was out there for Nursery Schools. They are the most important years but have been so neglected by education. It is only in the last few years that finances are allocated by the Finance Minister to the Gr R class. The CAPS Curriculum has set out a very detailed syllabus for the teachers to cover and many teachers find it very difficult to know what to do. Books and workshops are arranged in close contact with the Education Department to help teachers understand what is expected of them.

Books have been written for the Au Pair, Playgroups, Nursery Schools and Parents to be able to stimulate the child at home and at school. These books and a CD start with songs & activities to cover with a baby and then progress to toddlers and preschool children at different stages of their development. The books are written by experienced teachers who have much wisdom & knowledge of little ones. Full programmes are given for us to follow with great detail and expertise. Pat Simpson has been joined by Lyn Nash who is an expert in Preschool education. She has been a principal of her own schools & gives lectures to Early Learning Students on a variety of subjects to do with preschool education.

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Pat runs workshops & conferences for Nursery Schools

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